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Bourne Beautiful

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

4 steps for super Spring/Summer skin

Everyone is gearing up for the summer and top of my list is preparing my body for the warm weather and banishing the signs of winter!

My method for preparing my skin are these 4 easy steps:

1. Body brushing

Body brushing is the cheapest way of giving your skin a real glow, smoothing skin and increasing circulation, perfect for rejuvenating your skin for summer.

It only takes a couple of minutes every day and I've found it to be one of the best things for getting rid of any dimples as it flushes out toxins, stimulates your skin and improves your skin tone.

Do it before showering at any time of the day, I do it in the morning. Start at your feet and always brush up your body towards your heart, concentrating on any stubborn areas (thighs, bum etc.)

You can buy body brushes at all good health shops, mine came from Hydrea which you can buy on Amazon for £7.50

2. Cloud 9 skin treatment

Another step for firm and beautiful skin this summer is using a skin smoothing or cellulite-fighting product.

Cloud 9 do an amazing treatment, Body Makeover cellulite treatment £35, which uses all natural products including caffeine and extracts of ivy to improve the appearance of your skin.

It comes in a clear gel which melts easily into your skin and the best part is, it has an immediate tightening effect! I noticed it straight away after the first application. 

The texture is really smooth and not sticky, unlike other skin treatments I have tried, and the smell, although slightly medical is really addictive. I just wish the tube of gel was bigger!

This combined with plenty of weighted squats and lunges in the gym will tone you up in no time...

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Your skin is the first thing with will age noticeably. Don't just stop at moisturising your face, moisturise your entire body - it tasks less that 5 minutes every day, and it will really pay off.

I either use Johnson's baby oil or Avene body oil (I buy this in France, but you can get it on Amazon here).

The trick here is to use oils in the bath, or before/in the shower as the excess water will hydrate your skin even more.

You can apply them immediately after a bath or shower while your skin is still wet. I love using oils as they really hydrate your skin and they smell incredible. Plus they make your skin unbelievably soft!

My other option is a classic Nivea body lotion. I love the clean smell of it and the thick consistency. I put this one on our to 3 times a week after a bath or shower and before bed. When you sleep, you skin heals and rejuvenates so properly moisturising will help your skin all the more!

4. Hydrate

I cannot express the importance of drinking water. If you increase your water consumption, it is so noticeable in your skins appearance. 

I drink hot water and lemon in the morning before I eat anything as this is a great way to aid in digestion, clear skin and give your body a detox. Throughout the day I drink at least 2 litres of water, in herbal teas or fruit infused water (more on this soon!)

So there we have it, those are my 4 steps for preparing my skin for summer... What are your steps?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dior airbrushed skin

A while ago I read Le Beauty Girl's blog which featured a post on Dior'sAirbrush foundation spray, £33 (check out Isis's blog post here) and I was sold immediately.

The girl at the Dior counter raved about it. She told me if she was getting married, she’d wear this on her wedding day for the photos, it's that good.

We all want perfect skin, especially in photos from that big night out as they always make their way onto Facebook...

The reason this spray is so great for photos is because it has no SPF in it. No SPF means so flash-back from the camera. Now, SPF during the day I always wear, however once the sun has gone down, this stuff is incredible for creating that air-brushed appearance.

The application takes a little bit of practice however.

I apply a good skin primer first, either Smashbox Photo FinishPrimer or Benefit’s Porefessional with a MAC 130 brush. 

Then I’d advise putting a couple of pieces of kitchen towel or toilet paper around your d├ęcolletage so the spray doesn't get on any of your clothes.

Be careful around the hair line aswell :)

Standing in front of the mirror shake the can and spray in a side to side action moving down your face – be sparing as only a little of this stuff works wonders. I am quite fair and so was matched to shade 200 light beige.

I then check the spray hasn't caught in areas like eyebrows and around the eyes – this is remedied by buffing the spray in with the MAC 130 brush.

I set it in place with a VERY light dusting of MAC mineralise powder in Medium.

No makeup (you can see visible pores)

With Dior Airbrush (notice the pores are less noticable!)

It’s not an everyday foundation – I’d save it for a night out or special occasion when you need that extra bit of coverage.


Flawless skin (pores, spots, everything is blended and hidden)
Skin looks airbrushed in photographs


Tricky to apply!
If not applied well it can look too cakey.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Maxitone - Definity

I've never used protein shakes in the past.

I think, like most girls, they made me think of bulking up and that small selection of men in the weights area of the gym you tend to know the ones.

So I did a little digging and learnt that instead of helping you bulk up, protein shakes help your muscles repair and recover well after exercising. So really it's a win win situation if you exercise frequently and want to tone up or lose weight.

Part of my healthy eating and get fit regime (I've signed up to do Tough Mudder next month and so have been in the gym everyday sweating it out trying to build my strength up and get fit!) now includes Maxitone's Definity Protein Plus powder in Raspberry Ripple£24.99 (It's £16.92 on Amazon at the moment - check here). 

The Maxitone shaker comes in a few sizes and is £3.99 on Amazon

If exercising frequently they recommend taking 1 scoop daily before exercising. So I put half a scoop in my porridge in the morning (it gives it a nice thick texture and actually tastes really good)

Then I have another half scoop which I mix with 200ml of water about an hour before I go to the gym. 

Taste wise - I prefer it in the porridge than as a shake. As a shake you can taste the protein and not much of the raspberry. The shakes are available in Chocolate Toffee and Raspberry Ripple. I've also read that mixing it with Almond milk gives it a better taste...that's to be tested next.

Maxitone is a nice brand as it gives you meal plan ideas. Always helpful! Since taking the shakes (I've been taking them for about a week) I have noticed I have more energy to workout than before. Which means I go all out and exhaust myself more.

If you're new to protein shakes this is a good one to try as it's only got 111 calories per serving.

FYI: These shakes are not to be used as meal replacements. They are good for inbetween meals to meet your protein needs and help your muscles repair from exercise.

Do you use protein shakes? Which ones work for you?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Red Lips & nails day

Just a mini post on my little red adventure to work this week (I lead a thrilling life) I think the spring sun has influenced my make up choices this week and I've gone bold with the reds.

I also played around with 'A Beautiful Mess' because collages are cool...aren't they?

SO on my newly manicured nails, which I chipped slightly on the first day (bugger) I wore OPI Big Apple Red (£11.95) and on my lips I wore MAC Ruby Woo (£15.00) lipstick which added a nice bit of colour to my work outfit of a white Topshop top and black 'Leigh' jeans. 

On my skin I wore a mix of Dr Jart's Platinum BB cream (£22) and Astalifts Light Analysing Moisture foundation (£29.00) in Ivory to give a blank canvas against the red, crucial if you want to look like a glamourous Hollywood Siren (really... who doesn't?).

And finally for the eyebrows I used Browzings by Benefit (23.50), eyeliner is Topshop Magic Liner (£6.50) and Mascara is They're Real by Benefit (£19.00).